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Aledia宣佈Micro LED技術最新進展





Aledia, a technology leader in the development of microLED technology for next-generation displays, will showcase its latest advancements and share insights into its innovative projects at the 2024 Touch Taiwan show, booth M506. In addition to showcasing our technological progress, our Product Line Manager Severine Cheramy will be presenting a paper on a pioneering project on April 25 from 14:30 to 14:55, in room 402 a and b, Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1. You can find Aledia booth in  French Touch Pavilion, Booth Number is M506.

Capitalizing on its unique 3D nanowire and silicon-based technology and an extensive portfolio of over 300 patent families, Aledia is set to establish itself as a global leader in the microLED market. Following a significant fundraising of 120 million euros last September, the deeptech is entering a new phase of development. It aims to attract additional investments to support its expansion and market penetration for the coming years. Aledia’s manufacturing strategy emphasizes in-house differentiation and external foundry partnerships to scale production capacity above 5,000 200 mm/300 mm diameter wafer starts per week. This strategic approach will enable Aledia to offer large-scale, best-in-class manufacturing capabilities, aligning with the company’s innovative edge. The deeptech is realigning its product portfolio to better meet market needs, focusing on consumer goods like smartwatches, Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, and smartphones, computing devices such as tablets and laptops; industrial applications with large video and professional screens ; and automotive displays including Head-Up Displays (HUDs) and dashboards.

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