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InZiv-Key quality assurance


Date: 2023-03-25

News Type: Expo News


InZiv provides highly specialized testing and inspection equipment to the world's most advanced display manufacturers, in order to address today's most critical quality assurance needs. Using proprietary nanoscale optics and metrology, the company’s portfolio extends to microLED, QLED, and OLED technologies. InZiv offers state of the art tools for improving the display manufacturing process, lowering production costs, and enabling greater access to the use of these displays by all consumers.

InZiv has recently developed an industrial-level microLED inspection system, the REL, which provides unprecedented speed for EL testing of microLED wafers. Fully compatible with both vertical and flip-chip designs, InZiv’s unique technology offers repeatable, high- accuracy measurements of the chips, with no damage to the device. The REL offers the most critical and reliable microLED inspection, enabling the advancement of all microLED applications.





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