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Touch Taiwan 2017 Slated for Grand Opening in Sept. to Create Huge Display Biz Opportunities !


PRESS RELEASE Mar. 31, 2017


Touch Taiwan 2017 Slated for Grand Opening in Sept. to Create Huge Display Biz Opportunities !

Insightful Int’l Forum set to Shed Light on Future Display Industry and Market Trends !


Touch Taiwan is now the world’s most influential exhibition of the display industry supply chains and also the exact fair most representative of strong connection with Taiwan’s high-tech industries, serving as a powerful platform attracting annually foreign buyers to purchase panels, learn new technologies, procure equipment or materials, and explore new business cooperation opportunities. In addition to wide-ranging exhibits associated with the display industry supply chains, such as optoelectronics, semiconductor, smart production, automation, robots, materials and components, machine vision, and electronics manufacturing equipment, the Touch Taiwan 2017 will also incorporate related application fields, including OLED applications, commercial displays, digital signage, wearable displays, and vehicle displays, so as to present more abundant aspects for all participants in the event.


Entering its sixth edition this year, Touch Taiwan (Display International), co-organized by Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA) and Chan Chao International Co., Ltd., will run Sept. 20-22 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall in conjunction with Smart Manufacturing & Monitech Taiwan, aiming to gather related smart production enterprises to jointly provide Taiwan’s high-tech sectors with optimal solutions. This year, the exhibition is expected to attract many prominent domestic and international makers to showcase a broad range of exhibits in the following areas: display and touch control technologies/products/panels, OLED applications/ equipment/ materials, commercial displays & digital signage, virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR), equipment & parts/materials & components, AOI vision system/measuring & detection instruments and equipment, intelligent wearable and smart monitech, and smart manufacturing/facility management system/ wastewater treatment and resources recycling, as well as “optoelectronics applications,” a section newly added in 2017. The wide variety of exhibits has well mirrored the great diversification of products demanded by buyers. .


Smart Displays Thematic Area

New display technologies are emerging as a focus of attention at Touch Taiwan, and will be up for discussions at seminars during the exhibition period. This area will highlight innovative display technologies as the theme, and will also incorporate related application fields, particularly OLED display applications, medical applications, wearable display/VR, and vehicle display applications, with many companies engaged in these fields invited to demonstrate their latest technologies and applications in thematic pavilions to grant buyers and visitors a direct access to the new technologies and applications. This is expected to become one of the major highlights of the show, thus helping various innovative display applications to bring new business opportunities for the display industry.



OLED Applications Pavilion

The pavilion will be centered on innovative OLED display technologies. Particularly, as the applications of OLEDs in displays and illumination are expected to rivet great attention from show-goers, the pavilion will gather companies engaged in OLED production, OLED manufacturing equipment, and applications of materials, constituting a great highlight at the show.


Commercial Displays Pavilion

Riding on the successful performance of the commercial displays pavilion at Touch Taiwan 2016, the pavilion will expand its coverage in 2017 to include Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors, among others, aiming to provide smart solutions indispensable to future living environments and commercial activities, including smart medication, education, transportation, hotels, supermarkets and shopping malls, etc. 


Optoelectronics Applications Thematic Area

Continuous technical progress and constant advancement of such smart devices as mobile phones and NBs have driven changes in the demand of the supply chains. With new technologies and applications, such as OLED applications and those for processing sapphire, ceramic materials and 3D curved glass, having emerged to replace those in the original display supply chains, related equipment makers are embracing a new wave of cross-industry development, rushing to tap into the supply chains in the new cloud-based era. In view of this, show organizers have launched the Optoelectronics Applications Thematic Area as an additional exhibit area for 2017, seeking to offer the most direct industrial analyses through the arrangement of three thematic pavilions.


3D Curved Glass Pavilion

Exhibits include hot bending machines, cutting & grinding operations and applications of curved glass.


Vacuum and Coating Technology Pavilion

Joining forces with Taiwan Vacuum Society and Taiwan Association for Coating and Thin Film Technology to consolidate the centripetal spirits of companies in related lines such as vacuum sputter coatings, pumps etc.


Surface Treatment Technology Pavilion

Gathering surface treatment associations to explore and display surface treatment technologies and related applications such as electroplating, surface printing etc.


Global Industry Elites Converge to Steer Smart Display Development

Held alongside the exhibition, the “Display Innovation Taiwan Conference 2017” will take the theme of “Innovative Display Technologies” while also covering related application fields. Industry leaders and senior analysts from globally renowned survey and research institutions will converge to speak on related subjects as Flexible Display & Electronics, Micro LED Technology Applications, and Smart Display Applications, among others, shedding light on innovative display applications, market development and industry trends. It’s expected that through sharing the insights of domestic and overseas heavyweight industry leaders and elites, participants in the forum can take the lead to grasp the latest display technologies and hold the key to success amid volatile market conditions.


Press Contact

Wang Hsin-Yang

Deputy Secretary General

Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA)  

Phone No. : +886-2-27293933 #18    


Published on: 2017/03/31



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